Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weight Watchers

Before I got pregnant with Miss Aldey, I was doing Weight Watchers.  I had just hit my 30 pounds lost mark when I found out I was pregnant and instantly started shoving my face ;) Hey, I knew that it would (most likely) be the last time I would ever be pregnant and my last chance to eat with no guilt! 

I am not even sure what I exactly gained this pregnancy but I know that I kept on 22.8 pounds from where I was before. 
I am again going with Weight Watchers to help me get this weight off but this time I opted for only online rather than the meetings. 

I am quickly regretting this decision. 

Now, even when we did "the meetings" we rarely ever stayed for them, but in all honesty, I NEED those ladies judging me to keep me accountable.  I need those disapproving looks when I gain. 

However, I am cheap.  Meetings are twice the cost! 

So, we are going to try something else. 
You, yes you, are going to help keep me accountable.  Mondays are weigh in day so, I am going to post my weight, yes, my real weight, here!  I swear I will be honest.  Maybe I will even take a picture of the scale. 

I started WW on 2/27 at...

ugh, this is harder than I thought...

okay, 180.6 pounds. 

This Monday I was at 175.6, thus loosing a whopping 5 pounds so far. 

I don't have an exact number in mind for where I want to get down to but I think I would like to lose right around 40 pounds.  That would be right about where I was when we got married. 

I need to think of some rewards for when I hit my milestones.
Now, I just need to stay motivated and actually track!  I suck at tracking!  I do great during the day at work where things are controlled but at home, not so much!  It is so much work to figure out points when you actually cook.
 I swear I will start doing it though! 


Taylor gandc said...

Meghan -
Excitement and mini challenges for yourself during the journey are always great motivators. Proud of you for taking this public for yourself and to share with others. It is always great and inspirational to feel connection and support from friends, family, and even strangers. You invited me many years ago to your work weight loss challenge and that was a true turning point for me with being more active in a healthy life style and eating for myself and dad. At the time it wasn't what you were ready for, but I have learned mostly that no matter what the scale says, a healthy body is most important. The number needs to reflect a healthy weight, but nothing is ideal or perfect. I am here always for support if you want my help on anything, need a partner to walk or run, or just talk to distract from eating at times when our human weakness gives into those chips and dips and so on - LOL.

The word "accountable"....well, no matter who, we are all only "liable" for ourself!! We have to be the person to stay "in charge" of our life, our journey, our being. No one can give you that. Sometimes the hardest part is to know that even with others to help, at the end of each day we have to know that we all are different, but all the same when it comes to having a mind to choose what is best for us.
Stay strong and set those mini goals with some rewards along the way. Remember that a cheat now and then, or the splurges in life have to happen....they are a necessity to happy and healthy attitude. You can do whatever you put your mind to. I am here for support and just a call away. Love you much!!! xoxoxo

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