Thursday, May 24, 2012

My sweet daughter

Last night I was reading Ashlyn her two books before bed. 
This is a new thing for us. She is finally letting me read to her. Before, she would steal the book and try to flip the pages herself and just had no interest in her momma reading to her, at all. This was a bit of a heartbreaking thing for her book worm nerd of a mother!

Well low and behold we have finally come to a point where it is acceptable for me to hold onto the book and she might actually pay attention to part of the story =) 

So, last night we were reading Goodnight Thumper. We came to a part where Thumper’s sisters told him how they had missed him while he was gone. I then asked Ashlyn where her sister was.

She replied “I don’t know.”

I told her that her sister is her angel. This must have clicked in that little brain of hers because she promptly got off the couch and went and got Quinny’s picture down (knocking many others over in the process). She brought it over where she gave her a kiss and then handed it to me so I could also give her a kiss.

I then continued the story to both of my babies with tears in my eyes.

Oh the sweetness of my beautiful, caring, and oh so smart Bug! I am blessed to have such love in my life!


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