Monday, July 30, 2012

A little eye candy

for no other reason than she is to beautiful to not share!  Love this girl!!!

These were taken yesterday at Ashlyn's little friend, Kara's 2nd birthday party!  Kara was even nice enough to let Ash take a little ride on her new toy! 

We had a great weekend!  I LOVE the Olympics!  Love them!  So that took up a lot of our weekend.  Just relaxing and watching Team USA!  Ashlyn would even cheer here and there, in between begging that we please stop watching this boring crap on TV and start watching something good, namely Mee-Cee (Mickey).  Seriously, this child is obsessed with Mickey!  She wakes up asking for it.  Although, this morning she woke up asking for a back rub, apparently she has been hanging out with Daddy for too long! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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