Monday, April 8, 2013

Weigh-In Monday - week 2

Alright, I was up.

A whole pound! Ugh!

Stupid Easter candy! I can't even blame the Easter Bunny, it is all of the crap that I have bought after Easter on clearance! Terrible!

I started out doing great. Tracking everything that went into my mouth and it actually kept me from eating any of the Easter candy because I was too lazy to figure out points, lol.
Then there was the Sam's Club bag of snack size Reese's peanut butter eggs that was on sale for $4… and I might have gotten 2 of them… then the Cadbury mini-eggs…. I know, I know… terrible! So, I started eating all of that and stopped tracking. I suck at tracking, I really do. Which, is the WHOLE point of Weight Watchers!

On the plus side, I did get outside this weekend, got to walk and play with Ash running around at the park. I also picked out a jogging stroller so Addie can go for rides with me while I walk or maybe even jog around the neighborhood or on the trail near our house. I think I even have Steve convinced that it will be a good investment and not a waste, lol!

My co-worker, Brandi, and I have been walking at lunch and this week we are trying to do some sort of moving every hour. Sitting all day is pretty terrible so every hour we are doing something with weights or a quick set of squats, something to get us moving some during the day.

I am not going to get to down on myself for my one pound. I am simply going to move forward and do better!
Current weight: 176.4

This weeks loss / gain : +1

Loss to date: 4.2

First Goal: 171.6 (5% loss)

Hard spots: Damn Reese's and their delicious peanut butter eggs!

Bragging : I got nothing. I sucked, that is all there is to it.

This week's goal: Track, track, track, work on some sort of quick set every hour, and get outside and moving as much as possible!


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