Thursday, August 2, 2012

8 months ago

Today is the 2nd.

8 months ago my daughter died…….

8 months.

Wow, I don't know how it has been that long already!

8 months of kisses and snuggles I have missed out on.

I miss my Bean every day but the 2nd is just one of those days that I miss her that much more. It is a knife in my heart that I have went another month without getting to hold my little girl. Another reminder of everything that is missing in my life… as if I need another reminder. EVERYTHING reminds me of Quinn. A butterfly, the clouds…. yes the clouds. Is that weird?

Instead of getting to pose Quinney for her 8 month picture and compare them too all of the other monthly pictures and see how she has grown, I only get to look at the few pictures I am blessed to have from her 4 days here with me.

8 months old…. What would she be doing? Crawling? Cruising? Probably not because of the Trisomy but what if she were healthy from the start. Oh the fun we would be having! She could be chasing her big sister around the house and pulling Frankie's tail… when she could catch him, that little pup is fast!
It just breaks my heart to think of all of the things that we are missing out on. All of us, not just me.

8 months of missing my baby and a lifetime to go……..


Bettina said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Those milestones are so youngest son passed away when he was ten weeks old from a heart defect. But like your little angel he had a cleft too. They actually look pretty identical.
Much love to you.

Brittany said...


I found your blog by pure coincidence. My daughter was born on August 9, 2012. Her name.. Quinn Elise. The other day I was poking around on the internet when I decided to google her name. I came across your blog. I cannot tell you how touched I am by your story of your beautiful Quinn. Until then Quinn Elise was just a name my husband and I put together. But now, her name has more meaning than I could have ever imagined. I just wanted to let you know your angel is [and will continue] touching hearts everyday. God bless you and your BEAUTIFUL family.


Meghan said...

Hi Brittany. I am so glad that you found us and got to "meet" my little Quinn-Bean! Thank you for your kind words! I must say, you have fabulous taste in names =)

Meghan said...

I am so sorry to hear about your son! All my best to you!

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