Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Names. Have we discussed names?

Our boy name we have had picked out since before we had Ashlyn. Now, with every pregnancy I tend to freak out about it and start searching high and low for other boy names but always come back to this same one.
Casey Andrew.

We actually started with Casey John. Which is Steve's middle name. And his brother's middle name. And his dad's name, both grandpas…. Lots of Johns. Then Steve decided that he doesn't really like John so it was out. Steve always liked Andrew but I don't. Not as a first name. I am okay with the full name, Andrew, but I do not like Andy or Drew at all so it was out for a first name choice.

Now for the girl. A while before we got pregnant I was watching The Voice, with my boyfriend Adam, have I mentioned my love for Adam Levine before? It is true love! Anyway…..
I was watching my boyfriend and there was a girl that came on named Adlee.
I loved it.
The day that we found out that I was pregnant I was looking up names and the very first name that I pulled up was Adlee, with that spelling and at the bottom it said that if you like this name you might also like Quinn. Well, I was sold. I mean basically Quinn was telling me that was the girl name we were supposed to use. I did go back and forth for a while on spelling, Adlee, Adley, Adleigh… but ultimately came back to Quinn's spelling. Now, the problem is in the middle name. We just can not agree! Can't! Neither of us will give up our choice. So, what is your vote?

Adlee Elizabeth
Adlee Mae
Yes, I know, they are both pretty, but….... One is better, lol!
We like the old fashion type of name with our other girls being Grace and Elise. So, what is your choice? Maybe Bee is a boy and it won't matter, but just incase…....
If this is a girl we might have to fight to the death because we just both won't give! So vote your choice…. But make sure you vote for mine! =)


Anonymous said...

I like Adlee Elizabeth. And for a boy, what about Casey Andrew?

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