Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keeping busy

Today I told Steve that I was going to take a quilting class with a friend.  His response, are you trying to have the world's most hobbies?  My reply, yes. 
Apparently I have made it my mission to stay as busy as possible.  I like it this way.  I need it this way.  I need to keep my mind occupied so I do not wallow in grief.  It isn't an option to be sad on a daily basis because I am just too darn busy! 
This does not in any way mean that I am too busy for my family.  Never.  I make sure that I spend a ton of time with my Bug and Steve but it also means that I am taking more time out for me too! 
So what is keeping me so busy?  For starters, Weight Watchers.  Every Wednesday, though soon it will be changing to Tuesdays I believe, is my WW meeting day.  After our meeting, Renee and I go to PF Changs where we can actually feel full and stay with-in our points for the day!  WW also fills up at least some of my day every day just because I have to count my points and cook.  If I don't cook then I will end up eating something I shouldn't, generally speaking, so, I cook! 
Other than WW I have bowling for babies ( which I have been putting my heart and soul into!  I want this event to be a huge success and am giving everything I have to make it that way!  Last Saturday a friend and I went all over the Montrose area to get silent auction items.  So far we haven't heard back from a single one but I am still hopeful! 
I am also getting back into another love of mine, cupcakes!  Before I had Ashlyn was toying with starting a small home business baking and selling cupcakes.  I had a few jobs and had a lot of fun with it but when I became a new mom I decided to step away from it.  Then, while I was pregnant with Quinn, Renee started doing more and more with cupcakes so I was helping her and we always joked that we should start a business.  Well, we are finally doing it.  Iced! Cupcakes and More, is my new passion!  We have worked to make our logo and I have spent hours putting copyrights on photos we have taken over the years of our cupcakes and posting them to facebook. 

Other than those two major time consuming things I also have my normal hobbies: scrapbooking, reading, cooking........ does facebook and words with friends count as hobbies?  I am sure that Pinterest does, I love Pinterest!!!
I know that it might not be the most effective way to grieve to just fill your time with other things, but right now it helps me.  Believe me, I still find time to think of Quinn daily but my sadness is not keeping me from living my life and living it VERY fully =) 

If you want to know more about bowling for babies, please go here we are still looking for more help and are definitely needing more bowlers!  I am the Donations Coordinator and am currently looking for more baskets for our silent auction if you would like to help.  Yes, I am begging, LOL =) 

And, if you want to see some of our cupcake creations you can see them on our facebook page.


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