Friday, September 23, 2011

3D Ultrasound

There were a few things that we wanted to do while I am still pregnant to celebrate Quinn.  One of these things is to have a 3D ultrasound.  We want to be sure that we do as much as we can with Quinn while we have her here and this is away we can have some extra memories with her. 
So, tomorrow we are having a 3D ultrasound done at Baby Waves up towards Cleveland.  I have very mixed feelings right now.  I am excited to see Quinn and to get to see if she looks like her big sister, which would mean that she looks exactly like me, or if maybe she might look a little like Steve.  It would be nice for her to have a little bit of Steve in her since Ashlyn is all me!  I am excited to get to see my love but I am also absolutely terrified.  I don't know what to exact at all.  The cleft lip doesn't bother me at all but everything else does.  I don't know what her proportions will be like or what the omphalacele will look like and I am scared out of my mind.   As scared as I am though I am willing to face these fears for the chance to see her.  I guess this is how I feel about her birth as well.  I am absolutely terrified for her to be born because I don't know what will happen but I am willing to face that terror for the chance to hold her in my arms. 

I would also like to thank "my people" as my one of my best friends, Zaina, puts it because the ultrasound is being paid for by people that love and care about us and Quinn.  I do not know who all has contributed but please know that we appreciate it more than we can ever explain.  Thank you all!!


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