Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another doctor appointment

So today I had a doctor appointment.  I had to do the glucose test and then also have my regular check up.  Appointment was set for 8:30 but for whatever reason I didn't even get called back to get the stupid drink until 9:15.  Ugh.  As I sat there watching all of these pregnant ladies who are presumably pregnant with healthy babies it just sucked.  Sucked!  I went by myself figuring it was no big deal but the longer I had to sit there the more it sucked.  I tried to keep busy reading my book and texting  but it still just sucked.  I text Steve and told him that I felt like everyone knew and was looking at me when I came in.  I knew that this was complete ridiculous but still couldn't help but feel like that.  He text me back being reasonable telling me that no one was staring at me and they had no clue that my baby was just more special than theirs.  And... the tears fall.  So of course this is exactly when the lab decides to call my name.  So I am trying to nonchalantly wipe my eyes but I am sure that the woman thought that I was insane. 
So I drank the drink and then had to wait  an hour to have my blood drawn.  In the mean time I had my normal checkup scheduled.  Molly, my normal midwife wasn't available so I met with Theresa who is actually who delivered Ashlyn (15 months ago today!).  She was very sweet.  We discussed that Steve and I would like to have a fetal echo set up even though neonatology said that it wasn't absolutely necessary.  She said that her only concern would be insurance covering it.  So I guess I will be making some calls here soon to find out what we need to do to get it covered.  We also discussed getting another ultrasound scheduled.  We are wanting to have it set up with Dr Stewart so now that she is bigger we will get a better look at exactly what conditions she might have.  At my next appointment we will get that set up. 
Quinn's heart rate was right around 145 and I am measuring 3 weeks ahead of where I am.... measuring 30 weeks while I am currently 27w3d. 
So, I guess all in all it was a good appointment if you forget about the glucose test and having to wait for so long. 

We have been doing pretty well lately.  Keeping busy.  Got the house all decorated for fall and are getting ready for our Browns Kick Off party this weekend!  Today is the start of NFL Football.  I love this time of year!  I am looking forward to so much!  Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, trick or treating (Ashlyn is going to be a lady bug),  football.... I just love Fall!  I am also looking forward to having our maternity pictures taken next month.  We weren't going to have them done this time.  We did with Ash and one big belly is just like another right.... but after we found out about the diagnosis we wanted to do everything that we could to celebrate this pregnancy and have as many memories of it as possible.  This includes maternity pics.  To do something a little different this time we will be doing some of them outside.  I am super excited for them.
We also decided that we are going to get a 3D ultrasound done.  There is a place near Cleveland called Baby Waves that does it so I will be calling to make an appointment there soon.  I think it will be a great memory for us to have and hold onto! 

I also FINALLY got my act together enough to send out the friends and family letter.  We had both emailed it to all of our co-workers but now I mailed it to all family and friends.  A lot of people know already but it was easier to just send to everyone so that is what I did. 

So, I guess that is what we have been up to the past few days.  We have another busy weekend ahead of us which is always good.  Nice to keep our minds busy!


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