Saturday, September 24, 2011

She is beautiful

The 3D ultrasound was amazing.  The people at Baby Waves were wonderful and very compassionate with our situation.  The only bad thing was that Quinn is currently breech and the placenta is right by her face.  We couldn't get a very clear picture but she is absolutely beautiful.  I didn't want to leave.  I just wanted to stay there and stare at her forever! 
We did get a look at the omphalocele and while it does look to be rather large it isn't as bad as I was thinking.  At least it isn't the size of her torso or anything.  Of course this was not a medical ultrasound and we will find out more when we have our next medical ultrasound with Dr Stewart but at least now I have some idea of how big it might be. 
I would certainly suggest that anyone pregnant go and get a 3D ultrasound.  It was such a neat experience and they were all so pleasant.  We also got a teddy bear for me and an elephant for Ash that will have Quinn's heartbeat in it. 
After the ultrasound Steve and I stopped for lunch at Penn Station, delicious!  Then we took Ashlyn to the Mum Fest in Barberton.  It was such a gorgeous day out!  We walked, well Steve walked I more gimply waddled with the broken toe and all, around the lake and checked out all of the little craft stands.  The 3 of us shared some funnel cake and kettle corn.  Today was just what we needed.  A really good low key day as a family. 
I did get a little sad when we ran to Kohls and I was picking up a few shorts for next year for Ashlyn out of the clearance section.  I walked by the infant section and felt a pang of sadness that I wasn't picking things out for Quinn too.  Just another reminder that I have no guarantees that my baby will be with me next summer.  I decided to not dwell on that though and just continue to enjoy my day.  I am thankful that I got to have the experience to see my Quinney today and then have a wonderful afternoon / evening with my family.  No matter how much I hurt because of the diagnosis I always try to remember how blessed I  am.  Today was a wonderful reminder of just how much that is.   


Anonymous said...

That is great to hear! Remember there are people out there who care and are living this with you, hoping and praying for the best.

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