Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Midwives and Arnold Chiari

Finally some good news.  I had my doctor appointment this afternoon and found out that I do indeed get to stay with the midwife group at Paragon.  Molly was very supportive and told Steve and I that they will do everything that they can to make us comfortable and make this as stress free as possible.  I am so thrilled that this worked out for us.  I know that this will make the labor experience that much easier! 

I also spoke to Dr Stewart.  The brain malformation that he mentioned during the ultrasound was Arnold Chiari.  Doing some googling, this doesn't appear to be necessarily life threatening.  I need to do more research but just haven't had a chance to yet.   I also checked with him to be sure that the amnio confirmed that our bean is still a Quinn, she is. 

So, that is where we stand now.  I will continue with the midwives as normal.  My next appointment will be in 4 weeks where I will have my normal appointment and will also have my 1 hour glucose test.

Listening to Quinn's heart today was amazing.  I thought that I would cry when I heard it but I didn't.  It made me smile to hear how strong it sounds.  My little gal is in there fighting away and I need to stay strong for her!  For tonight I am going to go to bed and be content with how far we have come.  In 3 short weeks we have been to a place with nothing but despair to a place with just a little hope. 


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