Saturday, August 13, 2011


If you really know me you know that I am a planner.  I planned my own 30th birthday party and started planning it 3 months before my actual birthday.  I had Ashlyn's 1st birthday theme picked out when I was pregnant with her.  I had Quinn's first birthday theme picked out before I was even pregnant with her.  I am a planner.  This situation is no different.  Should the worst happen, I need things planned.  This includes her funeral.  I know that this seems incredibly sad and hard and it is, but it is something that I have to face.  I know that should we loose her, I won't be able to make rational thoughts let alone figure out how to plan a funeral.  Therefore, I have to have at least the big things in place. 
Simply because I didn't think that I would be able to make the calls, my best friend called a funeral home and the cemetery that Steve's grandparents are buried in for me.  Yeah, not good.  Between the 2 we were looking at around $3,000.  Insert freak out moment here!  Now this would be on top the $2,000 or so that we will be paying for the labor and delivery.  Ugh! 
I decided that I would go ahead and call a couple other places just to see if we could do something a little less expensive.  I have no idea where I want to be buried so I had no idea where to call.  Where ever we choose for Quinn, should we need to, is where Steve and I will also be buried.  I decided to call Holy Cross which is a huge cemetery fairly close to home and work.  That way should I want to visit her on my lunch hour I could.  The man that I spoke to was amazing and he informed me that in this sort of situation they donate everything.  Everything!  We would get a plot, small headstone, and the opening /close for free!  She would be buried in "baby land" which has a gorgeous angel that over looks it.  Amazing!  This will easily save us $1,000.  I told Dale that I hoped I never had to call him again but I was so thankful for his time and the information. 
Then it was on to the funeral home.  First one I called was Anthony Funeral home simply because it is the closest to the cemetery.  I spoke to the owner's son and he informed me that if I was worried about money to not be.  The entire service would be a couple of hundred.  Basically the only thing that we would be paying for is the casket and obituary.  Now, tears of complete relief.  I am so thankful to both of these places that should we need them, we know that we will be able to afford the type of service that Quinn deserves.  I pray with all of my heart and sole that I won't have to use these services, but should we need to I am thankful that I found such wonderful caring establishments to work with.  I feel much better knowing that should the worst occur that I at least know where to start to get a service and burial handled. 

Both last night and this evening Quinn has been very active.  I absolutely love every pop I feel from my little Bean.  I can't get enough of her moving around in there.  It brings me such peace to feel her to just know that she is alive and with me!  I love you Quinn-Bean!!


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