Thursday, August 4, 2011

Work family

Well, I sent our "Family and Friends" letter out at work.  I didn't send it until late in the day but even the short time that was left I received a few supportive emails and even a few hugs.  I could see the tears in the eyes of a few people.  I am very blessed that I work with such wonderful people.  We really truly are like a family.  People honestly care about each other.  The company is very family oriented and will do anything that they can for you and your family.  I might not make as much money as I would like, but not many people can say that they work at a place where the people honestly and truly care about you and your family. 
I know that whatever I need to get through this situation my company will make it happen.  I am extremely thankful for that. 


KatieMGreen said...

Hi Meghan, I found your blog thru the yahoo group. I am also pregnant (I'll be 20w on Monday) with a girl. We found out at 14w. I read thru your whole blog and you are not alone. I had all the same feelings, and still do. Many ups & downs. And they'll come out of no where. But I know in the end I will not regret carrying this precious girl. Just like you won't regret carrying Quinn. I am praying for you and I'll keep updated on your blog! I have a few great blogs of past ladies that went thru this that have been soooo helpful if you want them.

KatieMGreen said...

I'm at

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